Thursday, 12 November 2015

Group Project at Uni: Martin Maison Margiela Inspired Shoot

Our first project at uni was a group project, we were given a designer to research and then had to create a photoshoot in the style of that designer. The designer we were given was Margiela, I hadn't heard of them beforehand which made the research aspect of this project really interesting for me as Margiela and the Margiela design house just seem so unique and different compared to other brands and designers I know of. I feel like my group members and I collaborated really well together in all aspects of the photoshoot, here are some of my favourite photos from it:

we then sat down as a group to choose our final photos and edit them to reflect the Margiela brand more accurately. We added the Margiela tag to the images, in a similar fashion to how this tag was used in the Margiela H&M shoot. 

after this task and our group presentations the group work aspect of the project was done, and we continued the project doing individual work. One aspect of the individual work was choosing an image on your own and editing it. Here's mine:

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