Tuesday, 24 February 2015

ASOS Project

We recently had a very exciting project at college where we partnered with ASOS to produce a skirt suited for their customers. My chosen decade of research was the 90s and within that decade I decided upon using the theme of technology.

I enjoyed the illustration aspect of this project, I adapted my illustration style slightly to mimic Microsoft Word Clip Art, in order to enforce my 90s technology theme. I liked doing something slightly different with my illustrations: Adding bold lines and partially colouring the illustrations was quite refreshing compared to how I usually decide to illustrate. Unfortunately I don't have many images of these illustrations as I've been having issues with my computer, but here are some I managed to find on my Ipod. I'd also like to add, out of all the projects I've done at college so far, these are by far my most favourite design boards. They're a bit more simple than what I usually go for, which I like a lot.

What I'm most ultimately pleased with in this project is my photoshoot, I didn't focus as much on the styling here as I ought to have but I think the location I chose for it was perfect. I'm also really pleased that I managed to find a top that matched my skirt perfectly, the main issue I have with the styling for this shoot is that I couldn't find any decent shoes for the model as she's such a small shoe size, so she ended up just wearing her own that didn't go too well with the skirt! Here's some of the best photos from the shoot: 

Here's my skirt, to say I don't enjoy sewing I'm pleased with how this came out, I'm really glad I added the grid print (which I printed onto the fabric myself by the way) as I think it really strengthens the technology theme. If I'm honest, I kind of wish I hadn't added the applique details as I think they make the skirt look a little too busy, but maybe I'm just saying that because they were such a hassle to put on! I've definately learnt a lot during this project and it's made me feel very eager and ready to make a start on my FMP, bring it on!

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