Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Day At The Zoo: The Start Of A New College Project.

Our new college brief is here, and despite it being the summer holidays now, I've got a ton of work to do! Our new project is all about children's wear and playing around with prints. I'm actually really excited about designing clothes for children, it's something different to our usual projects, which makes it all feel very refreshing. Anyway, we went to the zoo with the intention of capturing 5 photos which we are going to create life drawings of (I feel like that's going to be tricky for me!) and then develop into abstract prints for children's clothing. As usual I went a bit overboard and I've ended up with waaaay more than 5 photos, it's going to be tricky choosing between them all! Anyhow, here's my photos from the zoo. (and the majority of them are photos of random things rather than animals! haha!)
this fence's shape could make an interesting element in a fashion print!

how many crows can you spot in this photo?? They seemed to love the little water fall!

cute little ducklings balancing on a log, they kept it up for a long while, bless them.

I thought all the different heights made this look really cute! Another nice inspiration for fun fashion prints.

I loveeee big cats!

tried to get an action shot of the bee!

the bee left :( 

I think this ones pretty cool... Might end up using it!

pretty little bird

god bless these fish for being still enough to snap a good pic!

annoying little guy wouldn't open his wings fully

atlas moths are the coolest

thanks for taking the time to read this! The thought of having to pick 5 of these pictures to do life drawings of is so daunting to me, drawing is tricky! But I'm still looking forward to it regardless, it'll be fun to try something new! Now I'm just left with the task of picking my favorite 5.... agh!

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