Friday, 11 October 2013

victorian era inspired clothing

For our fashion history class we had to think up some designs that took inspiration from the Victorian era. We were allowed to do as many designs as we wanted, but we weren't allowed to use colour on these designs, just black pen. Above is a picture of my finished designs

For the first illustration, I took a lot of my inspiration from a popular designer in the Victorian period: Charles Frederick Worth. I was mostly inspired by this dress of his.

I added puff-ball shoulders to my dress but made them more rounded and padded looking than the dress I took inspiration from. I also added some puff-balls at the end of the dresses sleeves to make the dress more unique. I then took inspiration from the tassels dangling at the end of the Victorian dress, and added them to the bottom of my dress. 

I then came across this image and it inspired me to add sort of ruffles to the bottom of the padded shoulder puff-balls on my dress. Unlike the Victorian era sleeve ruffles however, I want mine to be a bit more stiff and harsh looking. 
for the colouring of the dress I used a berol pen and added water to make the ink bleed. I like how it gave me a sort of tie dye effect, with the top of the dress staying black and then it slowly fading out.

For the second illustration, I took inspiration from the bustle trend that was around in the Victorian period. This trend was to make the back of your dress stick out, either a little or a lot, to give your figure more shape. Here are some examples: 

the bustle style I gave to my dress isn't as drastic as most of the ones in the victorian period, I also added floaty sleeves and a lace underskirt as it was a popular fabric used in that era. The fur coat I added was inspired by a similar coat I saw when our class went to visit a museum in York: 

 I simplified mine a lot compared to this one however and made it mostly fur, with two transparent panels in the front.

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