Tuesday, 10 September 2013

why did i decide to take a fashion course?

(yay first post)
ever since I've been old enough to pick out my own clothes, I've always had a slight interest in fashion. My knowledge of fashion as an industry however is pretty non-existent, and always has been, so I'm hoping that taking a course in fashion will drastically change that. The TV show Project Runway also sparked my interest in fashion to life, whenever I watched the show I'd think about how I'd love to be able to create clothes like they can, but I never really thought I'd ever have an opportunity to do it.

Another element which has also influenced my decision in taking a fashion course has a lot to do with some of the blogs I follow on Tumblr. A large portion of my Tumblr dashboard is filled with people who own their own online shops, selling unique items of clothing and accessories they've made themselves, as well as people who post lolita inspired outfits. I'd love to have my own online shop selling things I've made, and I'd especially love to make lolita inspired clothes, as clothes of this style are somewhat inaccessible in the UK. I think a fashion course will help me achieve all these things and even more, which is why I decided to take a course in fashion.

"Classic Lolita" style

"Sweet Lolita" Style

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